Today Rev. Chelsea Peugh preached on Romans 8:1-17.

The Old Testament Law could not defeat sin, it could only detect it.

Where do we need to claim the freedom that we have in Christ, so we can live it out more boldly?

Examine all the living by the flesh versus living in the Spirit differences in verses 5-17.

Fleshly desires v5 Spiritual desires v5
Eternal death v6 Peace and Eternal Life v6
Hostility toward God v7 Children of God v14,16
Doesn’t submit to God’s Law v7 Adoption into Sonship v15
Can’t please God v8 Affirms us as God’s children v16
Slaves living in fear v15 Heirs of God v17
Co-heirs with Christ v17
Share Christ’s suffering/glory v17

Where do we find ourselves on this chart? Which places in our lives do we need to allow the Spirit to take the lead?

We deserve rags but we are given riches.

We share in Christ’s suffering, in order that we may also share in His glory.