God wants His people to be at peace. What does that look like; how do we define peace? Is it more than the absence of conflict? Truth is, Godly peace can be lived and seen in the midst of conflict.

How does our mood or attitude impact our ability to really hear from God, listen to His word, or be His disciple?

What can we do to find Christ’s peace in our lives?

  1. Wake up starting the day off with some prayer and ask Jesus to help set your mood.
  2. Be intensely curious about who Jesus is; don’t go on auto pilot, but rather think about who He is and what Scripture has to say about Him.
  3. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude; don’t forget about the meaningful gifts that He has given us, especially life, both physical and eternal.
  4. Worship Jesus among your problems, in the brokenness, in trials.
  5. Finally, spread the Word, His Word, to others. Let others see Him in us.

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