Here is this week’s bulletin.

The passage for this week is Ephesians 2:1-3:21.
1. Adopt and develop a prayer room in your home. (War room)
2. Set your phone alarm to pray for certain things at certain times. ex. Luke 10:02
3. Pray with your kids every night before bed. Instill this in them.
4. Get up earlier and pray.
5. Do not just tell people you will pray for them, pray for them right then.
6. Pray for you relationships.
7. Develop prayer groups who will pray for you everyday.
8. Respond right away when you think about something to pray for.
9. Pray specifically for people and their problems.
10. When your household goes to sleep pray for them.
11. When you leave pray about where you are going.
12. Write down your prayers and God’s answers.