This week Pastor Jeremy and other men from the church were away on Sunday at a retreat, so Pastor Jeremy pre-recorded this message.

The passages for this week areĀ Ephesians 4:29 & James 3:6-10.

Here are ten practical ways that we can use our tongues for good.
1. __________________ to the person behind the counter when you are checking our at a store.
2. Make a phone call or send a text with no agenda but just to _____________________________.
3. Write an encouraging _______________ and send it.
4. Find a hopeless or homeless person and speak __________________ into them.
5. Stop being critical and be _____________________.
6. Do not ______________________________.
7. Love your _______________________ with your words.
8. Tell the people around you how much you __________ them.
9. Find the most left out person and go ________________ them.
10. Ask for _____________________ when there is a wrong.