The Great Inversion

Reverend Jeremy Peugh preached on James 1:27-2:13 today.

God has no favorites, because God loves everybody equally; that means everyone is of equal worth.

Our behavior reveals what we actually believe.

We are not just to have faith IN Jesus; rather we are to have the faith OF Jesus. Consider the mind of Christ, seeing the world as He does. Love the way He did and does.

Ways to live out our faith:

  1. Think of others before ourselves.
  2. Live with the mindset of a missionary.
  3. Give sacrificially.
  4. Take notice of the hurt around us and do something.

Taking It easy

Here is the bulletin for this week’s message by Pastor Jeremy Peugh; the passage is James 1:19-27.

Be slow to speak.

Be quick to listen.

Be slow to anger.

Be obedient doers of the Word; do what God says.

Practice not interrupting, taking in what is being said, without queing up a response or interrupting.

Those of his who speak much, why is that? Are they Christ focused reasons or self focused?

Jesus asked a few hundred questions in Scripture; why? He taught by asking questions; can we ask questions and listen?

No Pain No Gain

Today’s passage is James 1:1-18. Here is today’s bulletin.

How do we get through things it seems like we cannot get through?

James’ epistle has something to say about trials.

  • Trials reveal our true character.
  • Trials make us stronger.
  • Trials draw us closer to Jesus.
  • Trials don’t have to have the last word.

How to continue to stand:

  • Worry less about the now, keeping our eyes on the finish line.
  • While undergoing trials, trust God, that He is up to something greater.
  • Remember that this life’s sufferings are temporary.

Our First Love

In this message Bryant Dougharty preached on Ephesians, primarily focused on chapter 5.

Christ loves us so we should submit to Him.

Is God number one in our lives?

For those of us who are married, are our spouses number two? Do we put spouses or children in front of God on our priority lists, or make the other mistake and not love them enough?

Here are some challenge questions:

  1. How is the church acting as the bride of Christ? Is God first for us? Do we disciple others?
  2. How can the church move more into this identity? Is grace both offered and received? Do we sometimes make ourselves the first priority?

God’s Handiwork

Here is the bulletin for this week; the passage is Ephesians 2:10.

Greek “created” = “Construct” or “Manufacture”

The Bible says that God prepared these good works for us to do in advance and we should just walk in them!

Ephesians 2:10 (MSG)- He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing. Matthew 5:14 –

You are the light of the world. Greek “Light” = “A Source of Radiant Light”

Acts 9:15-16 (MSG) – But the Master said, “Don’t argue. Go! I have picked him (Paul) as my personal representative to non-Jews and kings and Jews. And now I’m about to show him what he’s in for—the hard suffering that goes with this job.”

Here are ten ways that we can do good and be light in this world:

1. Pray for God to use you.
2. Live in the moment and look at every moment as an opportunity to do good.
3. Speak Life (not death) in all situations.
4. Be in the word every day.
5. Take the time to listen to others.
6. Contribute dollars to Kingdom causes.
7. Acts continually on the conviction of God’s Spirit.
8. Look after orphans, widows, prisoners and all other neglected groups.
9. Invest and be light at home before taking on the world.
10. Share Jesus.

Prayer: Growing in Intimacy with God

Here is this week’s bulletin.

The passage for this week is Ephesians 2:1-3:21.
1. Adopt and develop a prayer room in your home. (War room)
2. Set your phone alarm to pray for certain things at certain times. ex. Luke 10:02
3. Pray with your kids every night before bed. Instill this in them.
4. Get up earlier and pray.
5. Do not just tell people you will pray for them, pray for them right then.
6. Pray for you relationships.
7. Develop prayer groups who will pray for you everyday.
8. Respond right away when you think about something to pray for.
9. Pray specifically for people and their problems.
10. When your household goes to sleep pray for them.
11. When you leave pray about where you are going.
12. Write down your prayers and God’s answers.

Tear Down or Build Up

This week Pastor Jeremy and other men from the church were away on Sunday at a retreat, so Pastor Jeremy pre-recorded this message.

The passages for this week are Ephesians 4:29 & James 3:6-10.

Here are ten practical ways that we can use our tongues for good.
1. __________________ to the person behind the counter when you are checking our at a store.
2. Make a phone call or send a text with no agenda but just to _____________________________.
3. Write an encouraging _______________ and send it.
4. Find a hopeless or homeless person and speak __________________ into them.
5. Stop being critical and be _____________________.
6. Do not ______________________________.
7. Love your _______________________ with your words.
8. Tell the people around you how much you __________ them.
9. Find the most left out person and go ________________ them.
10. Ask for _____________________ when there is a wrong.

How Your Life Can Change the World

Today Pastor Jeremy Peugh wrapped up the series on vision.

Here are five ways you can change the world:

  1. Make it your life’s mission to depopulate hell.
  2. Persevere through the trials of life.
  3. Stay connected with God and go wherever He leads you.
  4. Intentionally invest in the lives of others.
  5. Be a servant to all.

Equipping the Saints

It is often said the the church’s job is to equip the saints. This comes from Ephesians 4.

In today’s message, Pastor Jeremy spoke of equipping the saints using other passages.

We are told the gates of Hell will not prevail against His church; punch the enemy back. The battle is eternally won already.

We must listen to the words of God’s Comforter.

  • The Old Testament term is Ruwach, meaning wind or breath; it is always temporary.
  • The New Testament term is Pneuma, also meaning wind or breath, but in a permanent way.

Keep your eyes on the finish line.

Complete Devotion

10 Ways to Choose to be Completely Devoted to God:

  1. Keep going when the trials hit (don’t quit).
  2. Seek God first thing in the morning (chose Him first).
  3. Don’t fall into temptation (3 second window).
  4. Review  your calendar and check book (check your devotions).
  5. Change your conversations (you talk most about what you are devoted to).
  6. Participate in the things of Christ (follow Him).
  7. Pray without ceasing.
  8. Listen to Christ (over the world).
  9. Imitate Christ (not the world).
  10. Store up treasures in heaven.

Here is the bulletin for this week.

Caring Like a Christian Should

This message is the beginning of a few weeks where Pastor Jeremy Peugh will be preaching to us about vision for the church.

Make prayer the centerpiece of who we are.
Continue to engage, love and nurture our people in the life of the church through ministries and service.
Focus on church unity and thinking strategically about making sure no one is left behind.

Fully equip our people to be missionaries in their neighborhoods, schools, jobs, homes etc.
Speak openly and positively about the church and all of her great ministries.
Reach out into our community through coordinated and organized outreach efforts.

Here is the bulletin for this week.

Who is Sowing the Seed

In this message, Rev. Mark Bane, the Regional Evangelism and New Church Development leader,  brought a message on the importance of evangelism. He used Mark 4:1-20 as the basis for his message. This work of evangelism is important; we all need to do it. It is not for pastors and church leaders only. Rom 10:14 was also used, to show the importance of speaking the Good News verbally to others.

God With Us

Today we finished Ezekiel. Look at the end of the book; in 48:35 we see this. The LORD is there.

God’s desire is to reside with His people so that they might better know who He is.

Sometimes things need to be dismantled before they can be put back together. This can happen if we do not look like His people.

God re-gathers His people, to be His, according to His purpose.

God forgives His people, though both we and they in Ezekiel do not deserve it. God also cleanses His people.

Sin changes us negatively. God cleanses of us from that. We respond with a new heart in us that comes from adoption, which is key for we who are His.

God Through Us

Today’s message is on Ezekiel 47-48; here is the bulletin.

The water of God flows into us, starting out small; it will encompass our whole lives.

We cannot build the Kingdom of God; He does that. The church is to continue to move toward God as we invite others in.

The purpose of the church is not to take over the world, but to be a blessing to it. Love God and neighbor.

In the Kingdom of God everyone is welcome.

Wherever the church is, the Lord is there also.