Lent 2018 Sermon Series

Cup and Covenant

In this message, Pastor Brian preached on Mark 14:12-72. Several essentials, mysteries, and keys of the Christian faith are addressed in this section of the Gospel of Mark.

The Passover meal is transformed by The Last Supper.

Blood must be shed, on our behalf, for the forgiveness of sins.

Peter and the rest all said they would never disown Him.

Gethsemane is an ultimate test for Jesus; He nearly dies here.

When you hear others say Jesus didn’t claim to be God, consider His I Am statements and the reaction of Jewish leaders to them.

They all drank and swore allegiance at the table, and then fell away. They all betrayed or left Him, would we?

The Need for a Traitor

In this message Pastor Bryant Dougharty preached, on the need for a traitor.

Some questions and points that were asked or made include:

  • What would you give to honor God?
  • What is too far for us?
  • Are you committed to this Christ?
  • Are we loving others?
  • What do we think of Christ’s Kingdom here on Earth?

Here is the bulletin for the week.


Trouble in the Temple

Today’s passage is Mark 11:12-19. Pastor Jeremy primarily discussed consumerism, mentioning but not dwelling on the Markan sandwich where cleansing of the temple is surrounded by the cursing of the fig tree.

Consumerism is caused by:

  1. Ease and laziness
  2. Selfishness
  3. Ignorance

Our job is not to attend or simply go to church; rather it is to be the church.

A way out:

  1. Focus on God.
  2. Focus on our call.
  3. Focus on others.

What Kind of King is Jesus

The passage for today is Mark 1:1-11 regarding the Triumphal Entry which is called Palm Sunday by some.

Let us consider the meaning of subversive. It is an attempt to overthrow a system of power or authority, often by people working secretly from within.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a subversion of our culture.

The people wanted a subversion of the status quo. They were laying palms looking for Him to take power.

The elite wanted a subversion of the national power (Rome).

The way that Jesus is subversive in the world is to give His life for it.

Death and violence do not get the last word.