Today Our District Superintendent Tom Taylor preached to us using Luke 5:1-11. Let us recall that we describe ourselves as a Christian, holiness, and missional church. How does it look if we reclaim our missional identity, embracing Missio Dei to the best of our ability?

We are all called to make disciples, all of us.

Are we maintenance minded or mission minded?

Are we willing to take risks for the mission of God, where miracles and faith are required?

Are we willing to be obedient to Him? Let us keep in mind Jesus’ statement; he who loves Me will obey My commandments. God continues to change us as we obey.

How great are the rewards, both now and in eternity, as we take the risks and obey Him?

Do we see how things and people are connected to each other, past present, and future? What about our connection to one another within the larger Christian church.

In Luke 5:8 Peter is convicted by Jesus as a result of what He has seen. What is Jesus’ response? Do not fear. Have courage.

God calls us to a new identity, a challenging arena. Christianity is not about comfort.

Have we lost sight that we are to be fishers of people.