Our God Is Sermon Series

Our God is Holy

Today’s message on holiness was based on Psalm 99.

The holiness of God reveals all things and brings our sin to the surface.

That which we fear the most, we need the most. Consider being exposed or open to God, in a relationship where we are not in control.

We stand completely exposed before the judgment of a holy God, only to look up at our judge and see in His face the grace and truth of Jesus.

Here is today’s bulletin.

Our God is Loving

Pastor Jeremy Peugh preached on how God is loving, using a few passages to illustrate it.

Jesus understood love as a God-powered condition, actively pursuing the good for everybody He come in contact with. Do we?

Genuine love seeks to be helpful according to the other person’s needs, not according to my natural preferences.

The idea is to aim at becoming the kind of person through whom loving actions flow.

Here is the bulletin for this week.


Our God is Relational

In today’s message Pastor Jeremy Peugh continued telling us about God, preaching to us about how God is relational this week. The passage for this week is Romans 8:26-39.

What we learn from a relational God?

  1. Learn to practice patience.
  2. Learn to work for hope.
  3. Learn to practice unity.
  4. Learn to work for peace.
  5. Learn to pray.

Here is the bulletin for the week.

Our God is Jealous

In today’s message Pastor Jeremy Peugh preached on our God as a jealous God using Exodus 34:14; Deu 4:24; and Daniel 3:16-28.

Looking at Exodus 34:14 we see that Jealous is His name, among others. The Hebrew word for jealous is Qinah, a deep emotion of not having.

God has a passionate desire for you.

What is our response to a God who is jealous? Our response is to give God our entire lives.

Let us consider also Matt 6:24; we cannot serve two masters.

Here is the bulletin for this week.

Our God is Faithful

Today pastor Jeremy Peugh preached on God’s faithfulness. The passages for today are here.

Faithfulness is a test of many things, our convictions and priorities, our patience and resilience, and in the end, our desires.

God is faithful and cannot help but be faithful

God is committed to us; the question is how committed are we to Him?

Here is today’s bulletin.


Today Pastor Jeremy Peugh preached on Forgiveness, outlining it as a characteristic or attribute of God, using Ephesians 1:3-10 as the passage.

In response to God’s forgiveness:

  • Start off by saying thank You to God.
  • The next steps are confession and repentance, which we also see in Mark’s Gospel.

Let us also not forget to forgive others, allowing them to also forgive us.

Here is the bulletin for this week.