Upside Down Kingdom Sermon Series

An Audience of One

Today’s message is on Matthew 6, the first few verses especially.

Jesus says the foundation of existence is not a random universe; a giant, meaningless machine; quarks; or photons. It is a person, a personal God of immense power, wisdom, and love.

Soren Kierkegaard in Purity of Heart wrote about the idea of people living as though we have an audience which consists of just one, our God.

Jesus came all the way to Earth and experienced utter rejection, so that we can know love and acceptance.

Whose approval are we seeking, that of man or that of God?

Peace Love or War

The passage for today is Matthew 5:38-48.

Jesus’ intent is to confront and address anything in His kingdom that would threaten loving relationships.

This Biblical love is loving someone not because we like them, prefer them, or because they appeal to us; we simply love them because God loves them.

Love is about caring for others, not self. It is an action, a verb, for the other.

How do we love our enemies?

  1. Develop the capacity to forgive.
  2. Recognize our own sin and shortcomings.
  3. Pray.
  4. Love your enemies, praying for those who persecute you.
  5. Pray for our ability as a new creation in Christ to love those who do not love us back.

Truth and Lies?

Last Sunday spoke on lies, using Matthew 5:33-37 as his text. Do we consider our words important, meaningful? Do others? How credible are we when we speak? Why? Can we have our yes be a yes and our no be a no?

  • Many times we end up using pressure, guilt or a song and dance to impress other people with our sincerity in order to get them to do what we want.
  • If I believe I have to watch out for myself, I will keep lying out of necessity. It’s only if I trust there is a greater reality (God’s reality), that I can let go of lying.
  • Jesus promises when we live in the freedom of death to self and in the power of forgiveness of the cross, we receive a new strength we could never generate on our own.

Here is the bulletin for the week.

Happily Ever After?

In this message, Pastor Jeremy Peugh preached a message on a very difficult topic, divorce, using Matt 5:31-32, Deut 24:1-5, and Ex 21:7-11.

It is very common today, and based on Scripture was not unheard of back then either.

Jesus is not giving laws; He is describing true, surpassing goodness.

Thinking of the equality in creation of man and woman, Jesus is saying that divorce is undoing creation because it is unraveling shalom.

God’s first divorce recovery program is a place called Calvary, and the price for the course, which Jesus paid in full, is on bloodstained Cross.

The Spirit

This week’s message is on the Holy Spirit. Pastor Jeremy covered John 15:26-16:15 and Acts 2:37-38.

The Holy Spirit has never left the church and He will never leave the church.

What I want to suggest is that the Holy Spirit empowers, comforts, and assures.

The Holy Spirit does not come to make bad people good; rather, He comes to enable dead people to live.

“The purpose of all God’s saving work is to create for Himself a people wholly capable of obedience” Gerhard Von Rad

Here is today’s bulletin.



Today Pastor Jeremy Peugh continued preaching on the Sermon on the Mount, covering lust today as seen in Matt 5:27-30.

If we live for desire, we will end up the slave of desire.

The real problem isn’t our eye or our hand, it is our heart.

There is freedom, grace, and healing for anyone who will honestly come to God and step into the light.

Jesus isn’t negating attraction; in this passage look is a self-serving stare.

Here is the bulletin for today’s service.


Today’s message is on Matthew 5:21-26. Pastor Jeremy Peugh preached on anger.

Anger is:

  • a response to a thwarted will.
  • a will to harm.
  • contempt that leaks out of us.

How to live in the Kingdom:

  1. Make reconciling broken relationships a higher priority than being religious.
  2. Initiate genuine kindness to your enemy.

Be intentional about feeding your mind.

Reflecting the Cross is what we are supposed to do.

Is the main cause of anger others,self, or something else?

In anger God’s will is not being done.


When We Get Things Wrong

The passage for today’s message is Matthew 5:17-20.

Beware of glittering vices: qualities that look like virtues, but they make us proud, arrogant, and unloving, so they end up destroying our souls.

Christianity is not about following the rules or breaking them; it is about following Jesus.

Know the book. Do the book, but do not stop there. Step into the Kingdom.

Overcoming Evil

In today’s message Pastor Jeremy Peugh preached on overcoming evil, using Matt 5:13-16 as a guide.

  • To indulge evil, to oppose evil, is to oppose God’s Kingdom.
  • Suffering happens to you; evil happens in you.

Psychology’s fundamental attribution error:

  1. When I do something wrong I attribute it to having difficult circumstances.
  2. When others do something wrong, I attribute it to bad character.

A kingdom will typically work to improve or increase its sphere of influence. Whose kingdom are we advancing?

Whose job is it to oppose evil? This is the job of the church, His church.

Where are you needed? Whom should you be talking to? Who needs to hear the Gospel?

The Good Life

The passage for this message is Matthew 4:23-5:12. Here is the bulletin.

The church is not a museum for saints; it is a hospital for sinners.

In the Bible, the word blessed actually addresses a question that haunts the human race; “who has the good life?”

Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount strongly contrasts the world’s view of the good life.

To be in the Kingdom means to be blessed no matter what happens.

The first rule of God’s Kingdom is this; no pretending.